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10 anniversary contest!!

After 10 years of anniversary we are glad to announce a war movie contest!

Written by bubixil at 2021-12-10

New engine!!!!

Hello mates! After long hours of coding i wrote a new engine from scratch! now faster than ever!

The old was crashing a lot and was soooooo slow. That new engine will update all wars and battles in less than 5 minutes!
Beware, is expected bugs in any process, since i modify a lot of website code. Maybe at creating war, adding characters or guilds. Note: Registering characters to your accounts is disabled atm, i should add that feature to the new engine.
Please send me any bug to bubexel@gmail.com Thank you!
Written by bubixil at 2018-09-17

Im glad to announce many new changes!

The engine that check who is online is rewrote from scratch! I wrote it on C# aka Mono. Its really much faster than the old engine. Now, finally, the online timers and who is online works how it was designed. It can fail, because is new and still dont know all his bugs. But its working on test mode since 1 week ago and looks like a rock.

Other changes:

Since the target of that changes was the engine of onliners, it means many changes come for lite.tibiawars.com.


- A color next to online time, will show how long player is online, green is less of 4 hours, yellow 4+ hours, etc...
- A new organitzation by vocations and level.
- A new option to add multiple chars at once.
- The Lists that have more than 2 months without visit will removed.


- A count of players and average of level per team added to the scores of a war.
- A new option to add multiple chars at once.

Bug fixes:

- A security bug from Edit war was fixed.
- Some minor bugs fixed on lite.tibiwars.com.

Also we added Kenora to the world list, and merged all data from Kyra, Thoria and Nebula to that new world.

Enjoy Tibiawars.com!
Written by bubixil at 2014-06-24


All war stats that were affected by the bug has been fixed. Sorry for the time needed on repairing them. Enjoy Tibiawars.
Written by bubixil at 2014-04-22

My apologies

Cause a bug on tibia.com all wars stats from Empera, Dolera, Celesta, Candia, Calmera, Balera, Aurea, Astera, Askara, Arcania, has been damaged. Tibia.com marked all chars as (doesnt exist) and my website deleted them all from your war stats. Im really sorry, for some strange reasons my last backup is too old.
Written by bubixil at 2014-04-22

Note: Only www.tibia.com is the official site of Tibia. Tibiawars.com is just a Tibia-fansite to monotorize war score, ranks, etc.
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